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Tell me about Robnet, Inc.:
We are a woman-owned business certified by every mid-atlantic state, both DOT and general procurement as well as self certifying to both the EPA and WOSB. We have been in business since 1985, but our name was ROBNET Fastener. Over the last 25 years, we have expanded our product lines as well as our customer base.
Who are your customers?
We have grown from a regional industrial and construction fastener supply to a global supplier, meeting the demands of both commercial and OEM markets by stocking over 50,000 different fasteners for a variety of applications. We have developed and maintained close commercial ties to manufacturers, importers, and distributors insuring quality materials at competitive prices. We support industries such as power and electric generation, waste and water treatment, mechanical and general contractors, aircraft MRO, aftermarket and OEM automotive, global electronics companies as well as the federal, state, and local governments.
What makes us SPECIAL? 3 favorites
  1. Our staff is smart, helpful, and courteous. And we have an excellent fill rate..you should see all this stuff! You don't have to buy full boxes..just buy! Our minimum is 1
  2. We have the flexibility to do business your way!! Special packaging, special labeling, special needs of any type, we'll make it work for you. Our software is Windows based so we can easily give you any reports you may need.
  3. No part numbers to deal with unless you want to.. nothing for you to look up unless you want to. Since we deal in human contact, you can just tell us what you want and we'll convert it to "bolt speak" .
How can I order?
Anyone can buy from us. Our experienced sales staff is available to offer you value added individual attention via phone, internet, SKYPE, or you can actually walk in and see us! Our people have the technical knowledge and expertise to assist you with any application.
When are you there?
We are open Monday through Friday, 7am − 5 pm except Friday when we try to get out at 4:30....It's Friday after all
What about if I need a Screw Now?
We offer "after hours" emergency service. Just call our office after normal business hours and a recording will give you the "on-call" phone number and contact information. We can access our inventory information from anywhere at any time to solve your problem.
What type of stuff do you guys have?
How do I get what I ordered?
You can pick it up at either location, Baltimore or York, or we can ship it to you locally on one of our trucks or for further away, any method that works such as UPS, Fedex, motor freight, air, etc. Same day service is the norm!
How can I pay you?
It's easy..you can apply for a house account and we will send you an invoice (first order is always COD..but after that we'll invoice you) or major credit cards sound good, a company or personal check with ID works, or if you are one of those people that still carries cash, that is accepted as well.

24 Hour Service – Toll Free 1-800-771-BOLT (2658)