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We offer American and metric sizes in most products. Our diverse inventory includes all finishes, all materials, and a variety of grades.

American and Metric in all products, all finishes, all materials and a variety of grades. Materials include but are not limited to 18-8/304 Stainless Steel, 316 Stainless Steel, Brass, Silicone Bronze, Aluminum, Nylon, Hastelloy®, Monel®, Alloy 400, Inconel®, Nickel Alloys, B7 Heat Treated Steel, A325 Structural Steel.
Hex bolt grades
2, 5, 8, A307, A307B, A325, A490, A193, B5, B6, B7, B8, B8M, B16, 18-8/304, 316.
Threaded rod/rod couplings
Available in a variety of lengths and finishes including all grades of Stainless Steel, B7, plain low carbon steel, zinc plated, left hand.
Clevis Hangers, Vertigo, Strut and Rivets, Rigging Hardware etc.
Self Drilling/Self Tapping (Tek), Sheet Metal Screws, Drywall Screws, Machine Screws in all head styles, Socket Products, Floorboard Screws, Thread Cutting Screws, self drilling, self tapping, thread cutting, sheet metal, drywall, machine, socket, floorboard, thumb, wing, captive, sems, wood, lag, and many more. Thumb Screws, Wing Screws.
A36, B7, F1554 Fully threaded or double ended (sag rods), F1554, Grade 36, Grade 55, Grade 105, A36 A307, A307B, B5, B6, B7, B8, B8M, B16, 18-8/304, 316, even low carbon steel.
More Bolts
Foundation" L" and "J" Anchor Bolts, Carriage Bolts, Lag Bolts, Elevator Bolts, Eye Bolts, U Bolts, Plow Bolts, Tap Bolts, Hanger Bolts, Track Bolts.
Clevis Pins, Tension Pins, Cotter Pins, Lynch Pins, Hitch Pins, Taper Pins, Dowel Pins.
Flat Washers, Finishing Washers, Lock Washers, Fender Washers, Structural Washers, Plate Washers, Square Washers, Belleville Washers, and Bevel washers, Hi Collar Lockwashers, External and Internal Tooth Lock Washers.
Finished Nuts, Cap/Acorn Nuts, Nylon Insert Locknuts, All steel locknuts, Castle Nuts, Slotted Nuts, Jam Nuts, Wing Nuts, Flange Nuts, Coupling Nuts, Machine Screw Nuts, Kep Nuts, Cage Nuts, Spring Nuts, Tinnerman Nuts, Tee Nuts.
*Mechanical Anchors
ROBNET carries a variety of heavy duty, and medium to light duty anchors for all types of applications and installations Heavy Duty, and Medium to Light Duty.
*Heavy Duty
Wedge, Sleeve, Epoxy, Blue Bangers, Drop-Ins,
*For applications where there is concern about the risk of concrete cracking, Seismic Approved and Cracked Concrete Anchors approved and tested for Increased reliability are available.
*Medium to Light Duty
Expansion Anchors, Plastic Anchors, Toggles, Drywall, And Pin Drive Anchors.
Mechanical contractor support − gaskets, bolt packs, strut.

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